2018 is – A YEAR TO GET REAL.  It’s time to put your dreams to work, and build your visions.  With Saturn, the big daddy of the zodiac, returning home after 28 years, you can imagine that he will want to begin with a spring clean.  Not to mention all the great new ideas and ways of doing things he will have gleaned from his 28-year voyage round the zodiac gathering wisdom and insight from other sun signs.  

You will similarly find yourselves clearing out what no longer works for you – from a basic clutter clear to something more major – reforming and restructuring our containers will be the theme of the year.  This could be moving house, moving country, changing businesses or jobs, re-structuring your finances, changing your diet and fitness plan – anything to do with our containers – home, work place, body, bank accounts etc



We are still in the massive birthing process from the age of Pisces to Aquarius. This is the era for shared values, shared resources and shared workload.  Finding common union through community and co-operative collaboration.

We are still confronting our deep shadow with Scorpio being activated by Jupiter (since last October) – both personally and collectively.  What needs to be transformed will surface.  So we can expect our fair share of skeletons escaping from closets and continued public disclosure.

Our relationship to power and values will require re-evaluation this year.   Humanity is embarking on a collective maturing process. Repeated once every 60 years in the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Earth Dog is a powerful marker in our lives, offering us the opportunity for a new interpretation of our human condition – a year where issues of social justice and fairness for all will be centre stage globally.

The Earth dog is a steady creature, highly intelligent, loyal and invests wisely for the future.  This is not a year of mythical fantasy and grand schemes but of grounded, steady progress.