Life can be a maze of decisions, challenges and setbacks to our goals. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals, or their meaning or importance changes. We might undergo some challenging experience that forces us to re-evaluate some aspect of our life. Sometimes our navigation system loses the signal and we have to roll down the window and ask the way.   
AYNI Foundation's work integrates shamanic training and practice with contemporary self-development work.
We work with various maps and systems, including the Pachakuti Mesa, karmic and Chinese astrology, and with various modes of healing and divination. 
Talking to us online or face to face will cast new light on the situation. We listen from a place of compassion and seek to offer appropriate insight and  guidance.

Nizami has undergone many initiations in the course of his own self-development and is always ready to share his learning.

A deeply empathic teacher, he uses karmic astrology to provide soul-level consultation on earthly situations, helping clients let go, heal and transform.

He encourages self compassion and forgiveness, creating the inner space in which to shift one's view from the personal to the transpersonal and energetic. He is passionate about bringing the magic of natural wisdom to bear on daily life. 

Your first SpiritMap Session draws your karmic map and includes a 90 minute consultation for £139. Subsequent consultations are £100 for 90 minutes.

Davina's Wisdom That Works consultations help thousands of clients rediscover the magical links between conscious and subconscious minds. 

Working with dreams, divination, feng shui and her legendary intuition, Davina's cosmic detective skills reveal the energies at work in any situation.

She shares her vast expertise and experience, offering her clients intelligent, practical and sensitive advice and a deeply empathic ear.

For more information on Davina's range of readings and consultations, please visit her website.