Along with divination, healing is one of the archetypal functions of the shaman. The Western context presents specific challenges to shamanic concepts of healing. Thanks in part to the pharmaceutical industries, psychosomatism–the idea that “it’s all in the mind” or “it’s all energy”–is often met with skepticism. And while a little skepticism is healthy, too much can rob us of our power to heal. After all, we’re co-creating it all.

Studying traditional healing modalities, you will practice working with clients, learning to establish boundaries, sense and influence flows of energy, empower and use sacred objects and implements like khuyas (power stones), incense and feathers. You will discover your own particular ‘medicine’–be it talking, touch, song or energetic channeling, and gain confidence through feedback from clients.


  • Working with shadow aspects of self and others
  • Energy healing using a variety of techniques
  • Tracking of energies soul wounds, past lives, etc
  • Extraction of unhelpful energies; chakra work
  • Death rites
  • Ancestral work; healing the ancestral lines and connecting to ancestral wisdom.