Ayni is the principle of sacred reciprocity on which the universe functions. Central and paramount is ayni between oneself and Nature. Developing harmonious, respectful attitude to all beings with whom we share the Earth, fosters harmonious relations with our own inner Nature, and vice versa. For Nature, not the Internet, is the Matrix, the weave of symbioses in which the patterns of life are woven.

All of Ayni Foundation’s work emphasises respect for Pachamama, Gaia, the Great Cosmic Mother. Natural Wisdom is the heart and soul of the programme. You will be encouraged to follow your own path to it. Through shamanic and esoteric exercises and modalities you will have the opportunity to begin meaningful relations with specific spirits, and to operate as a human ambassador to the Court of the Plant Kingdom.

Best of all you will understand the master medicine of the plants: love.


  • Relationship with Nature
  • Natural rhythms & cycles
  • Use of sacred herbs and natural medicines.