Spring into 2018!


We shan’t pretend it hasn’t been kinda tough out here in the forest these last few weeks. Is the UK weather getting more extreme? Climate scientists seem to think so. Could it be we’re getting older and busier? Or does time seemed compressed to you too? How about the forest? The frosts are still here and yet the ground is alive with new shoots. Climate change or no, the forest keeps moving and shaking. How about you?

We live in interesting and–let’s be honest–uncertain times. Yes, there has always been a degree of uncertainty to life but we at new frontiers. Perhaps the most pressing of them is the growing awareness of the impact we’ve had and continue to have as a species upon the planet. Perhaps it takes the discovery of plastic bottles in shark stomachs, or the disappearance of entire lakes and rivers to wake us up to the fact that something is out of whack.

Ayni. Nothing ever goes one way. If it’s out of whack out there, you can bet it’s out of whack in here.

Natural Wisdom Leaders offers you the skills, support and structure you need to transform your relation to nature–your nature, inside and out. Tend your flower beds, weed your lawn, wander into your wilderness. Know yourself. Develop the practices and talents–the Natural Wisdom–that will take you forwards.