If you hadn’t noticed, or had noticed but persuaded yourself the signs weren’t worth paying attention to, the old world, with its old ways of doing things, what we once called the normal world, is running out of steam. Perhaps we are so used to this idea, which has been so flogged in movies and bestseller paperbacks that it has become a dead horse. Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of the information era is information overload, a new kind of deafness. As the philosopher Paul Virilio famously said, the information bomb has been dropped.

The information bomb has been dropped

Paul Virilo

We have all the information we need at our fingertips. And then some. We have so much information that the task besetting anyone seeking answers is discernment. From shoes to mobile apps, never mind good counsel, investment advice, questions of the heart, there are a million options. Such choice can be paralysing, and the more manichean among you will wonder if indeed that is the underlying purpose. Choosing which washing machine to buy while Rome burns.

There is one other option. And that is to connect to the secret server of truth, our own, living, moving, evolving truth. There is a path through the forest. No matter how far we may have wandered from it, we have the means within us to return to it and navigate more accurately, successfully and joyfully than ever before. This is the path with heart.

All paths are the same. They lead nowhere. They are paths going through the bush, or into the bush. The only question is, which path has a heart?

Carlos Castaneda

To travel it is to take responsibility for living your own truth. To navigate it is to forge and sustain your own relationships with the natural world and natural laws. The path with heart is at once deeply personal and impersonal, as we come more and more to see the forces that shape it. There is a great calling now for people of all walks of life to step into their truth and act from it, to combine knowledge and action and to lead from a place of wisdom.

Now in its third evolution, Natural Wisdom Leaders is a unique opportunity. Combining traditional shamanic methods with modern personal and transpersonal techniques, you will take a year-long journey towards self mastery. Knowing yourself deeply–your strengths and weaknesses, purpose and destiny–you will hone the shamanic and leadership skills you need to put your wisdom in service. Natural Wisdom Leaders is for anyone wanting to make the shift.

We are now receiving applications. Places are strictly limited to 16. If you are feeling a call to this work, or have any questions, please get in touch using the form on the Natural Wisdom Leaders page.